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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Those Plastic Store Bags

Well I know that most of us from time to time still get those plastic store bags. I use the reusable store bags, but sometimes I do get the plastic ones, because I don't have enough room in my reusable ones (you would think I would buy a couple more but I keep forgetting to grab them when I see them GRRRRRR!!!!), or I for get that I have to stop by the store and don't have one to use. Well what do we do with them when we are done? Some just throw them in garbage NO! NO! NO!. I keep a bag in my supply closet in the hallway and its always full, I use them around the house for small trash can liners, my hubby takes them for trash bags in his semi, he also uses them for lunch bags as well. I know using them for trash bags is not recycling them but it does save me money on buying small trash bags at the store so I am being frugal too. There are places like Wal-Mart that have a recycle box that you can put them in if you have a bunch of them, which most of us do whether we like it or not.

The other things we can do is put our recycling in them. We have curbside recycle pick up here in our town. I see many of our neighbors using the plastic bags to put the newpaper bundles in (they have to be bundled or they are not accepted), I think that is a great idea really, you don't have to fight with the twine to tie them up and have the headache from it when it goes wrong (I know you know where I am coming from here so don't deny it LOL). I have even seen them used for cardboard, bottles, tin cans, alluminum, and many other things. So instead of throwing those unused plastic store bags out take them to the stores that recycle them (even if you don't shop there!), use them for your recycling, or trash bags around the house and cars, or for lunch bags. There are endless possiblities to use them for. I know a few ladies that even use them for packing material for their e-bay orders ;). So figure out the uses that best fit you and don't just trash them all the time.


SGK said...

Great uses! I use to line my trash can in the bathroom. I a few in my diaper bag too, you know for putting in soiled clothing, leftover food etc. I also keep one or two in the car.

Tammie said...

Thanks! I totally forgot about the diaper bag WOW, I can't believe that I forgot that. Oh wait I had a little one bugging me that's why! LOL