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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recycle For $$$$$$

One of the things that I did as a kid was to save aluminum cans for my spending money. I remember my mom telling me that if I was to take care of bagging the cans from the "can" can than I could have the money that was earned. Of course I was a kid and yes anything to get extra bucks. At the time my first thing I saved the can money for was a Pac-Man watch, you know the one you could actually play the game on. I had all but forgotten about those days until one afternoon I really took a look at how many cans we were going thru in a given week and I was shocked. I thought of all the money that we had lost by not recycling them anymore. So back to taking all cans to the "Can" can again.
My oldest son asked me why and I said it was because we needed to and I also challenged him that if he would help, I would split the money with him. At first he was all gung ho about it and over time he started doing less. We have not taken any to the center as of yet but I am sure we will here in next few weeks or so. There is one little bit of this challenge tho if he does get paid, the 1/2 he gets has to be split up as well. It was only 2 categories, but now since we are trying to get the Total Money Make Over going here in our home that has jumped to three. He has to put some much in the three envelopes. If any of you are on the TMMO you all know what I am talking about. If you are not each one is labeled for a specific place. Like save, give, and me; it should teach him to save and think of others more than himself. He hasn't really got on board with it too much and is not understanding it but over time I am sure he will.
So if you are looking for a little extra check out your area for local can/aluminum centers and start collecting you may not get a whole lot but think about this a little is more than nothing at all!!!!!! I think I might use our portiong to help up our emergency fund. I can't think of a better place for it at all, well I guess I could but it should go to that fund before anywhere else.

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