"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." Genesis 1:31

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The True Cost of Take-out

The True Cost of Take-out

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A VBS of Renewable Possibilities

My boys are going to a local church vacation bible school this week, and the theme is "Renew".  It's all about renewing and preserving our great planet.  Last night they planted seeds, and learned about being a "sower".
This is coming from my 9 year old about what the sower does.  The sower plants the seeds of God to live off of the earth.  Things that people do to our planet keep the seeds from growing.  This coming from my 9 year old on what they did I know only sums up part of it, but you know how they are with trying to explain what they do when they are not with you.  They usually have a sheet they bring home as to what they do, but he said Grandma got it and they went out the back door, my answer to that is make sure you pick one up too.  I would like to see what they do and report here to you all.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Nights Fun Kudos To My Friend Jennie

Last night I attended a Pampered Chef Party hosted by a wonderful lady.  I was pleased when it was a spa party but was really floored when they did the show as a "Natural Pamper".  To demonstrate the products that Pampered Chef has they used all edible treats for facials.  She mixed everything up in their products and we gave ourselves facials.  It all started off with a oat meal cleanser, next was a watermelon/witch hazel ex-foliate, then came the lemon juice/sugar scrub, and lastly an egg yolk/honey mask complete with cucumbers for the eye.  This was a wonderful idea and it comes from the earth.
The consultant took the time to search the internet for natural ingredients for beauty.  It's amazing what one can find with a Google search.  She said she found numerous things from natural sources you could use for beautifying ones self.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you know GOD is the ultimate environmentalist???

Recently I had to buy a bible for my son who is attending church camp for the first time.  While we searched through the shelves at Borders Book Store I found a bible that caught my eye.  It's called The Green Bible I never really thought of HIM as an environmentalist, but if you really think about it HE was the ultimate "Green"  man!  I mean HE made everything and was very conscientious about making it right for his people.  I have been trying for many years to understand HIS purpose for me and where I am headed.  With this blog I have found something I am very passionate about, it certainly didn't start off that way.  The more I used the products for my son the more I realized that there was more to the "green" movement.
I started seeing things in stores pop out at me that were "Green", it was wonderful and enlightening.  You can go through all of my posts here and see the road traveled on this journey and where I would like to be after we "Boot Our Debt".   Most that know me would say I hardly ever talk about GOD (just because I don't talk about him doesn't mean I don't believe), and am not by any means a bible thumper.  But I believe this Bible jumped out at me for a great reason, and the reason was for me to understand HIM through my writings of this blog and the readings we have through our church.  I really hadn't thought of HIM in the "green" way, but HE created everything we see and take for granted everyday.  I believe this is my way to get a closer look of our creator, and understand him as the "Ultimate Green Man".  Upon purchasing this Bible I have started slowly looking through it and there are some very profound words from many people, one that popped out at me is from the late Louis Armstrong's great song "What A Wonderful World".  "I see skies of blue and clouds of white.  The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."  These words and songs were used recently by our Priest in a sermon I loved them then and love them now.  These words popped out from a section in the preface named "Teachings on Creation through the Ages".  I also love Louis Armstrong he was one of the best Jazz trumpeters of all time, and is my favorite next Dizzy Gilespie it must be because of playing the trumpet myself, and loving how both of them could make trumpets "talk".

Learning about GOD through this bible will be a new jouney to self discovery and continuing to be as green as possible not only for my son but for the great earth that GOD our Father created for all man kind, all races, nationallities, and religions. Taking things for granted is a very bad habit for many people in this world, me included.  I know I should not do this but it's socioties back drop at times and most follow socioty in some way or another knowing it or not!  If you have not heard of this bible check it out it may be what you are looking for or what HE wants you to know!