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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok I have a challenge for all of you, that you eat your lunch out. Take 1 week and keep track of everything you spend on food for your lunch breaks while eating out. The next week take your lunch and track what you spend. I would say brown bag it but find a lunch box/bag. Most places have fairly cheap ones. The reason I don't want to say brown bag it is why not save a tree or 2 in the process! Yes some lunch bags are made of recycled materials, but some are not or only a little bit is recycled. So that's my challenge to you to save money and trees by taking your lunch its easier to do than you think. Also think of the money you save if you are on the Dave Ramsey TMMO you will agree with me that you can put that towards your debt snowball or just find something you really need to get taken care of in your budget and put the money there instead of in someone else's wallet ;).

Here is a link to a store that sell just such bags.

Another suggestion most of us have those reusable grocery bags now why not use one of them. Some are not to big and would come in very handy to carry a lunch in.

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