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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby and Kids Cloths Being Frugal

Well I am like you all when it comes to this subject, what to do with them. We some of us just take them to thrift stores, or charities that will make sure they go to homes that can use them at no charge to the family. Well I have sold them in garage sales, and given them to thrift stores. This go around I am going to try to auction them off. Our youngest has been growing out of cloths right and left it seems, so I am going to place listings on a couple of auction sites and see if I get any nibbles. This is a great way to be a little more frugal and make some money out of it in the end deal if they sell. I don't mine giving to thrift stores but there are times (and I know this can be for almost every home) when my budget needs a little extra. I have been know to take the severely stains cloths and make them into dusting rags, mess rags and what not. There are so many uses its unreal. So if its stained use it as a rag, if not see if you can make some extra bucks and sell it.

I know some moms will even take what they make off of them and put it in a special fund for more cloths when needed. That is an excellent idea have a jar or account that is just for that and fund it thru the year for the back to school buying. I know that's what we need to do around here for sure. I guess that will have to happen when the budget is on the right track again, which is being worked on right now with the help of the Total Money Make Over system I am proud to say. More on that if you would like to read it on my Booting Our Debt For Good blog. So if you need a little extra money thru the month and have cloths just collecting dust in boxes why not put them up on auction sites. I have a new addition at the top right side bar of a sight that is just for those type items. Have a look see and happy selling.

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