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Monday, November 22, 2010

Big News!!!!!!!

Our youngest son had his food challenge today and passed with flying colors.  We now can have MILK whenever he wants, pizza, ice cream and anything with milk in it!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOWHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!    So glad that is over now we have to go back in for the next challenge which will be for egg!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Son's Allergy Update

So much has been going on since my last post that I really haven't had much of a chance to update you on our son's allergies.  In September we went back to see his allergist and we had a new round of testing done.  It was a good and I wouldn't really say bad but, not so good result.  First off if you have read my beginning posts to this blog you know what we suffered from to begin with.  For those of you who don't he is allergic to milk, peanuts and eggs.  Well this round of testing was to find out if those numbers have went down and to find out what environmental things he is allergic too.  We have a great news on the numbers the milk and egg numbers have dropped, so this coming Monday starting at 8:20 am we have the first of 2 food challenges.  We are starting with the milk and will be at the clinic for at least four hours, more if he has a reaction.  The peanut however (or nut) allergy is still pretty high, while the peanut itself has come down the, brazil, hazel, pecan, and walnut remain very high.  Thus keeping us away from nuts all together.  Now on to the environmental side of things, we now have and asthma inhaler, he was not diagnosed with asthma at this time, it is a precaution.  The reason for the precaution was because of wheezing episodes he had been having.  His doctor wanted us to have the means to stop the episode before it got our of hand.  She does think some where down the line he will have full blown asthma, we are hoping not.  She believes he like so many other children with food allergies is growing into the asthma.  Kinda of like not having a single allergy as a kid but as an adult you get the onset of them all, concept.  So wish us luck on Monday that he passes with flying colors, and he can start having milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairy items he keeps begging us for.  Will try to post an update as soon as I can after the challenge.  

On a side note I was sidelined for about a month after the last post due to our oldest son spilling a drink on our laptop.  He was in the dog house and grounded for it, it fried the whole thing I ended up having to buy a new laptop, and only the hard drive was saved from the old one.  He is now in debt as a 10 year old to pay the saving of the hard drive bill off and the cost of a new computer.  You might think that is harsh but when you have told them not to have a drink next to computer or make their drink next to it the penalty fits the crime!