"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." Genesis 1:31

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The weather we have been having.....

Has just been interesting is all I can only say. It's cold one day and hot the next, which I can't complain about to much to tell the truth because when it is warm the furnace doesn't kick on there for gas bill stays down. ;) Another plus to the warm is my dryer doesn't run as much with laundry and I get it done faster. I still have few things to get done for my spring clean event but other than that it is pretty much done; now just to keep it that way. I have been very faithful when doing laundry tho about switching the temperature to cold for my loads; that helps on gas bill too.
I am however kind of frustrated with my vanity light bulbs I bought (they are the energy ones too). I have had 3 yes I say 3 of them that were supposed to last like 6+ years burn out. They were the Wal-Mart brand so I will not be buying anymore of those or I will buy the GE brand. Just a heads up for ya folks, I might be better to go with the name brand, or I have gotten some from Menard's and they are doing just fine. As far as being green we are still trying our best to do so, I do have slip ups where after the fact I think man I should not have done that but in time that to shall pass I guess. Wishing everyone blessing and well wishes until next time.

I am coming up on my very busy season, so my posting will be when I can get it here. Please keep reading tho I plan on keeping my blogs going as best I can and hopefully make time every day or so to write. Once I get my ducks in a row and things settle to a routine for the busy season I should be more frequent. Thanks!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I have been a bad girl

Yes that's right bad!!! Why you ask?? Because I have not been keeping up on my blogging at all. It's like life just stepped right out in front of me and WHACK! I can't keep up with everything. I am still on the spring cleaning mode around here but with the weather so darn screwed up here, one minute I am raring to go the next its UGH! Do you ever get that feeling?? We have had family members down with the ickies, my mom was in hospital too (she is doing fine now and home) and I have been working extra on the bus. Besides my routes I have been taking trips and the 1st three weeks of April I am going to be one busy chicka-dee, with trips and such then at the end of the month my summer job starts up and I have decided to work 6 nights a week to help with the budget and knock out debt.

As for green living still on the ole' grind for new and better ways to save more and spend less helping our environment along the way.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy Green Day everyone, hope we all have a safe and green day. My spring cleaning is going wonderfully and should be completed faster than I originally figured. It is going to be gorgeous today and hubby got a lucky leprechaun pass at work today and did not have to work, there weren't enough loads today. So he is home and we plan to do some things inside and out and hopefully finish the cleaning. All the cheap and natural cleaning I have been doing has been a blessing as well, being green and eco conscience have there advantages, even if people think you are nuts but I know my family is having less sickness and more wellness due to my choices. Well have a happy and great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Above is the before picture of my floor under my fridge. I hate it too, but with the right tools you can see that from the below picture it cleaned up very well.

Above is the after picture from the fridge floor clean up.

The materials I used you ask???

1. White Vinegar
2. Baking Soda
3. Spray bottle
4. Scrub Brush
5. Wash Rag
6. Water
7. Bucket

Step 1. Take the vinegar and put in the spray bottle, DO NOT dilute the vinegar.
Step 2. Spray vinegar on area you wish to clean.
Step 3. Sprinkle baking soda over sprayed area, and take spray bottle, spritz again over the baking soda.
Step 4. Let stand for about 5 min or so, then with a bucket of hot water take your scrub brush and scrub area.
Step 5. Take wash rag and wipe excess up with it. Get a clean bucket of about 3 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Use the rag and and vinegar/water and wipe floor again this will take off any of the left over baking soda the vinegar with bubble it off and you will be left with a sparkling floor.

This is a great cleaner, it also disinfects and deodorizes the floor area for a fresh feeling. This is a non toxic approach for a cleaning alternative. You may have to tweak it a little bit like I did to your liking. Just as a reminder always test before you use anything in a area you done use or under things before using it on main area. I hate my lanoilium (not sure on spelling it wouldn't find it for me) floor in my kitchen, bathroom and entry way; so if it makes a boo boo I don't care because eventually I will have a new hardwood floor in all those areas. Good luck with all of your cleaning. ;)

Spring Cleaning

I have been on a rampage of sorts, I declared that the weekends of March were going to be spent spring cleaning. My hubby thinks I am nuts, I think its just because I have made him fix somethings around here that have been put off far to long. My first room of the list was my kitchen, I took everything out of the cabinets one by one, cleaned, discarded old, and set aside anything we hadn't used in a while to sell. I have scrubbed from top to bottom and even started to paint 2 walls that I have been wanting to paint for a while now. I do have a wonderful report that the vinegar and baking soda cleaning method for your floor works very well. I have had to test it with a bit of trial and error but have found the perfect way to make it work with no terrible problems. I do have a few before and after pictures of my floor that I will up load here in a bit and give you my recipe for a clean floor.
Thing accomplished on this last weekend (1st weekend of month).
1. New programmable thermostat bought at Menard's for $29.00. Now just to figure out the best program for our family and home.
2. Fixed leaking tub faucet, but it has begun to drip again and I think it is just the handle not tightening enough to keep it completely off. I will probably go get a new one before long.
3. The cooking stove now has its new gas line, and is working wonderfully.
4. The tub is in the process of having new caulking put around it and sealed again. I am waiting to put the next layer on it to finish it off.
5. My kitchen sink has been caulked again and sealed as well.
6. Every appliance came out and was cleaned behind, under and scrubbed clean.

So those are the things that have been done around my home for spring cleaning and maintenance. More to come week by week, I am trying to clean with all no toxic cleaners and so far it has worked wonderfully.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Has Been Well..........

A bit busy for me lately and my blogs have done the suffering. From working, being sick, out of town, and having sick little ones I just have not had the energy to blog. I have done just enough to check email and that's about it. I have started my spring cleaning project here around the house and am using some of the Uses For Vinegar recipes from my friend Michelle's blog. I will be posting a great before and after pic of my dreaded under fridge clean up from a few days ago. This was amazing to be truthful, usually it involved much more elbow grease than I actually used this time. That in itself was amazing and I am so thankful for that. Until my new post with picture hopw everyone has a wonderful day!!!!