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Friday, July 24, 2009

I have been busy (Random Thoughts Friday)

Lately it seems like everything is just at full bore around here. I don't feel like I accomplish anything, oh wait I have 2 boys I don't LOL! From keeping up with normal everyday thing when I am not on strike to work I will never get ahead, I have come to terms with that. School for us starts the 19th of August so hopefully I can get back to a daily routine of posting, cleaning, organizing and maybe just maybe back to scrapbooking. Both of the boys will be in school so I will at least get some peace/quiet and things done. I really need to clean out the toy room, both the boys rooms and toss/save/sell/ or donate things. They have become little pack rats. I have so much in the office area to get back to a normal level of organized it is unreal. I have been looking around for more videos to share with you all, when I get back to a normal weekly schedule posting will pick up. I have also fell into the throws of Facebook, I love it tho. I have found so many people I haven't talk to in so long its great to catch up again. Having family that facebooks is awesome too this way I can catch up and keep up with them all LOL! I must admit tho I have fell into the world of mafia wars and I am addicted yes I said it "I am ADDICTED to Mafia Wars". Well until our next meeting hopefully the begining of the week have a long work weekend ahead of me but maybe I can get some links saved for you , have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Hanging Tomato

As some of you know I have a trial going with a hanging tomato plant. I have a tomato on that plant my 8 year old found it Tuesday. Woooo whooooooo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Topsey Turvey

It has died but on the up side the basket that I have a tomato in is thriving. Hoping to have some blooms in coming days. I love it! I will post an updated pic here soon have so many pics to load to different places, I have been so busy. I hope also to have some more video's found to post for those of you interested. I must get back to the kids they are trying to drive me nuts and I think its working. Happy Greening!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Video's I Found

God love the invention of the internet and You Tube. My last post was on the Building Green from PBS well I ran across this documentary as well, and wanted my readers to enjoy it. It has 5 episodes I never really thought of adding Videos to this blog but it is about the earth and they can be somewhat helpful and informative so here ya go.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I found on You Tube today.

Whilst perusing You Tube this afternoon I happen to come across the new shows section. To my surprise I found the show Building Green put out by PBS. Another surprise was that it has 13 episodes I thought it was a nice thing to share with my earthy readers. So here ya go the link to the 13 episodes please tell me what you think and I will be watching them as well. Feed back is a wonderful and inviting pleasure for me it tells me you are actually liking my post OK it's an ego boost I admit. Here is your link but please leave me comments I am also looking for more to post on videos if you know of any please leave me the link or a website I would be happy to add them.

Building Green by PBS