"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." Genesis 1:31

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have been busy (Random Thoughts Friday)

Lately it seems like everything is just at full bore around here. I don't feel like I accomplish anything, oh wait I have 2 boys I don't LOL! From keeping up with normal everyday thing when I am not on strike to work I will never get ahead, I have come to terms with that. School for us starts the 19th of August so hopefully I can get back to a daily routine of posting, cleaning, organizing and maybe just maybe back to scrapbooking. Both of the boys will be in school so I will at least get some peace/quiet and things done. I really need to clean out the toy room, both the boys rooms and toss/save/sell/ or donate things. They have become little pack rats. I have so much in the office area to get back to a normal level of organized it is unreal. I have been looking around for more videos to share with you all, when I get back to a normal weekly schedule posting will pick up. I have also fell into the throws of Facebook, I love it tho. I have found so many people I haven't talk to in so long its great to catch up again. Having family that facebooks is awesome too this way I can catch up and keep up with them all LOL! I must admit tho I have fell into the world of mafia wars and I am addicted yes I said it "I am ADDICTED to Mafia Wars". Well until our next meeting hopefully the begining of the week have a long work weekend ahead of me but maybe I can get some links saved for you , have a great weekend.

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