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Friday, October 3, 2008

Today In My Inbox

Well today I was doing my usual morning routine, (reading mail, forums and such) and found my email from Ideal Brite website. I have their tip of the day widget in the side bar have a look see its very neat I think. This email has more tips than just my widget, while reading something caught my eye, in the wanna try sections about alternative power.

Here is what I am talking about:
  • If your local energy company offers a green energy option, opt-in today. If not, demand it. Check the blog for a sample letter.
  • Green Power Locator - find out if green power's available in your area.
  • Power Profiler - this EPA tool helps you measure your impact.
Well curiosity got the better of me so I choose to look at the "Green Power Locator". I am in a part of Missouri that has wind power not to far from me and I wanted to find out if we to could go from our current power source, (which BTW is coal provided) to buying from the wind farms. I contacted the Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. via emial and asked them (since one of the co-ops that supports wind power is only like 10 miles from me) if we could go from our current provider to buying from the wind farms. I am awaiting an email reply from them. I am very interested to see if we can or if I can start something as a community here where I live to go ff that power grid we are currently under to theirs. My fingers are crossed with this hope. I would much rather pay for wind than coal wouldn't you????? I have a feeling going from coal to wind will actually be cheaper in the long run by far, and I also like the idea of helping out the farmers that have those turbines on their land, they have lease options from the companies that have them there. So for us to buy the wind that means those farmers are making money and still farming the lands around them, they lease there land to the company to haouse those massive and most beautiful structors. If you have never seen a wind farm you are let me say loosing out they are by far one of the most tranquil and beautiful things I have seen. In fact when my father passed away in 2006 we went to the cematary he is buried in and I had forgotten all about the wind farms. When we pulled in and looked to the north it was a wonderful site to see the community that my parents and brothers grew up in making an inpact on the enviornment. All tho i didnt think about that at the time I just realized it over the course of the last 2 years. Most of these people I have known most of my life, kudos to all of you. Now when I visit dad its a beautiful thing to stand and have that in the background, (i know he likes the view as well). I would love to see farmers here in the community my husband and I grew up in, approach one of these companies and offer land to them for a farm like this.

So check it out you too might be able to buy from a CO-OP and have wind power produce your electricity.

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