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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It Has Been Busy Around Here

Well all I am very sorry for taking so long to post again, it has been busy here to say the least. My hubby and I are sports officials and our seasons both came to a close last week with our last games. My hubby also coached bantam football with his brother this season and that also came to a close. Trying to juggle things and keep posting well that just couldn't happen LOL. So now that things are winding down here and we are getting ready for Halloween this week thought I would drop a line here.
Last week we also had internet troubles, as the tower here that supplies my service went down for 24 hours or so. So that meant no internet for me which was really hard I am on atleast once if not more per day if I can be. It was kinda good tho I did get files backed up and some movies burned to DVD from our camcorder (needed to be done just procrastinating a bit).
Well yesterday I was at my 8 year old school talking to his teacher and found out that our local recycling people dropped our school from pick up (yes I said dropped us). The teachers said that we were the last pick up for the day on recycling day and because they had no more room they canceled picking up for us. I thought this was kinda odd that the people over at the company wouldn't just send a separate truck for the school pick up (I chalk that up to laziness myself). So I send a link to this blog here to one of the teachers this morning for the link to paper retriever and terra cycle to have her look at them. I told why shouldn't our school have those big green and yellow dumpsters too, our community does not have anything like that at all and it could make our school some extra cash for usfull things. Also the high school was picking up the bags that had plastic bottles and recyclables of that nature in them and have gotten really well LAX about it. I said maybe thats something the elementary students should do since the 5th grade is responsible for the library books every morning why not have the 4th grade pick up recycling once a week or twice if needed.
Our teachers kinda think its bad we teacher to recycle but they have to throw things away that can be recycled every day because they have no where else to put it. I think something should be done about this and if I have to help by going in once a week and picking it up I will to help them out. So I am waiting on a teachers reply to see what she thinks about the paper retriver dumpsters and if maybe we could get the school board to ok them. Will post if we do get it accomplished.

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