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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shower Time For my 8 yr Old

Ok so I kinda go off track a little here so please forgive me!! I also have been feeling a little under the weather plus being busy that take a whole bunch out of you to say the least so for that I do apologize for not posting.
We had a tough time getting our son to take fairly quick baths/showers. So last year during the school year he was put on a timer of 10 min. He had to have his hair shampooed, body washed and teeth brushed before the timer expired. Well we still have a tough time with it but I realized after watching Planet Green's Wasted that the timer thing was a great thing having it set for him reduced our water usage (or at least I am hoping), my next thing I would love to do is to change shower heads to a low flow model. Well needless to say the bills come first in that dept. so we shall see maybe I can have a surprise post with a picture when I get one who knows.
So if you would like to save on water consumption in that bathroom this is another option to consider.
1. Timer showers/baths (mainly showers tho)
2. Low flow shower heads.
Now if i can just make that 8 yr old understand the faster he gets done the better off he is in the morning LOL.....

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