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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Community Mission

Well yesterday I posted about our school being dropped from our current local recycling pick up. They dropped us because of the amount of recycling we had. I talked with one of the 2nd grade teachers yesterday after school showed here the Paper Retriever site and she contacted them not only for our school to recycle but for our community to use as well, we are just trying to get recycling back to school and the making of money is kinda 2nd in the matter, but it will help our district as well. I should find out today whether she has received a email back from them on how to get the program here.

I know this isn't something I/We have done at home but it is something to help our environment and to teach our kids how and where to recycle. I think this is a great program for this community and school district as our district is in 2 small farm town communities. Our elementary and high shcools are in one town and the middle school is in another for a few more years, (we are getting a new school built but its in phase the 1st is going on right now and its the high school phase). Why not start a new school off on right foot so to speak.

Maybe more people will think to drop paper and card board in the PR dumpsters and it would mean less to put out every two weeks, they can drop it off anytime. ;)

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AudreyO said...

Why did they drop the school? Too much recycle or not enough?