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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Electricity Bill During The Summer

Through the summer we had chances to not use our A/C, which was great. It was so cool at night that the air only came on a few times a week. I was glad too those electric bills be low and it was way nice let me tell ya. When we did turn it on we noticed it wasn't cooling quite as good as it had at the beginning of the summer (no I didn't run for the phone either) but it took the humidity out of the house bringing the temperature down and we let nature do the rest.

I went out and bought a couple of fans and put them in the windows and man what a difference that made. The house would stay really cool until about 3pm everyday, which is when the air would come on for a while. Our electric bills would run around $100 give or take a month. During this time they were going between $60 and $100 which is nice with 1 income coming in LOL. So whenever possible try to let mother nature do your cooling for you. Our forefathers did this we can too, now if I can just get people (including myself) to shut lights, tv's, and other electric things off when they leave a room that would bring our light bill down even more LOL.

I guess thats another post to track our progress on lights, tv's and such off. Will keep you posted on that progress as it happens.

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