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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been on a rampage of sorts, I declared that the weekends of March were going to be spent spring cleaning. My hubby thinks I am nuts, I think its just because I have made him fix somethings around here that have been put off far to long. My first room of the list was my kitchen, I took everything out of the cabinets one by one, cleaned, discarded old, and set aside anything we hadn't used in a while to sell. I have scrubbed from top to bottom and even started to paint 2 walls that I have been wanting to paint for a while now. I do have a wonderful report that the vinegar and baking soda cleaning method for your floor works very well. I have had to test it with a bit of trial and error but have found the perfect way to make it work with no terrible problems. I do have a few before and after pictures of my floor that I will up load here in a bit and give you my recipe for a clean floor.
Thing accomplished on this last weekend (1st weekend of month).
1. New programmable thermostat bought at Menard's for $29.00. Now just to figure out the best program for our family and home.
2. Fixed leaking tub faucet, but it has begun to drip again and I think it is just the handle not tightening enough to keep it completely off. I will probably go get a new one before long.
3. The cooking stove now has its new gas line, and is working wonderfully.
4. The tub is in the process of having new caulking put around it and sealed again. I am waiting to put the next layer on it to finish it off.
5. My kitchen sink has been caulked again and sealed as well.
6. Every appliance came out and was cleaned behind, under and scrubbed clean.

So those are the things that have been done around my home for spring cleaning and maintenance. More to come week by week, I am trying to clean with all no toxic cleaners and so far it has worked wonderfully.

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