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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My entry way!

Well we had to break down and tear out our entry way, before someone fell through to the basement.  I did get my Bamboo that I wanted the color is great its "Island Cherry".  We did have to buy a 2x8 and some plywood to replace damaged boards (I know not green) I had no choice with these, but our new insulation for the under part is made from recycled materials and is certified recyclable also.  I was very stern about this purchase being as "green" as we could get it.  So one of my projects that I wanted done is getting done faster than I figured it would, I feel better about it being done and then no one will get hurt.  While we are doing this we are weather proofing where ants and mice have invaded so that will be another green step by helping our energy savings so its not going out under the door.
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