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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earthworks Trip

My 3rd grader got the chance to be a earth scientist last Friday, when he attended a day at the Earthworks facility in Kansas City, Missouri.
"EarthWorks - Kansas City’s Premier Experiential Science Learning Program, Student Grades 3-5

EarthWorks is a laboratory that comes to life when young people take on the role of scientists who work to determine the health of a habitat. Scientific teams collaborate to determine whether a habitat can continue to sustain life."
As some of you know I am a bus driver for my son's school and took this trip last year while he was a 2nd grader, they get the trip as a 3rd grader.  My youngest son got the chance to go and just if you will "run a muck"  he ha a blast in all the habitats to tell you the truth so did I LOL!  But for the tables to be turned and the oldest to actually have a "job" as they call it in his habitat was something different.  I was not able to follow him nor did I really want to because I had seen it before.  But the thought of it being a place that taught the significance of sustainable living through how different habitants live and sustain is great.  He loved the place and all that it was about, they even had a challenge of how much recycling and compost they would have after lunch.  It was quite interesting  that the kids, parents, teachers and bus drivers only had 2lbs of recyclable materials and 4lbs of compost materials for the center, but that is not bad they were told to make their lunches as "eco-friendly and sustainable" as possible.  I thought the did quite well and was very proud of our kids.  There were 3 schools there at the time and they all have to work together as one unit.  If you live in the Kansas City area and have a school that does not do this I highly suggest it that you ask about taking a 3-5 grade to experience it first hand.  Earthworks and Exchange City KCMO check it out.
Have a great look around and maybe if you are not in the KCMO area your area has something similar or a Earthworks in your metropolitan area.

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