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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Insulations Stories

Adventures in foam insulation part 2 (part 1). I cleaned up from round 1 of my adventure and started round 2. It was easier this time except one of the cans nozzles broke. It came out much better not as messy as my first attempt. I have not taken the acetone to finish the clean up, I figured I would wait until the final spot was completely dry and ready to be sculpted. I still have the stair area to do but can not until we start tearing apart the floor by the front door to finish the sealing of crack. But I have seen a bit of a difference in the amount of air not coming in anymore. I plan to check around outside and see about possible cracks and leaks in the foundation. I has to be much warmer for me to do so. I was going to take pictures of my mess from first round but my digital camera has had other ideas, and not wanted to cooperate. But with all that said my attempts to seal up any cracks resulting in energy loss, has been very educational and helpful. The less the escapes my home the lower my gas and electric bills, therefore helping offset carbon footprint.

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