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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I know we all like magazines although I do not subscribe to any anymore, I know a lot of you do. What do you do with those magazines? Some put them out with their recycling by the curb, take them to paper retriever dumpsters, or just let them pile up around the house. Here is a suggestion for you all, our local library has a table outside the main doors in the foyer of the building. Here you can leave yours and take issues you don't subscribe to but you like reading. This is a great program for people to exchange with others. Other places are local nursing, community living establishments, or hospital waiting rooms. The people love to have updated materials to read and catch up on things they might have missed, even veterans homes would benefit as well. If your local library does not have a table or program like this talk to them and see if you can have them start one. Recycling is the best for most tho but think of helping brighten someones day with a new magazine or even a newspaper they may not have had the chance to see in a while. The little mom and pop type papers, are the best.
If you choose to do an exchange program or leave them at places for others to read, make sure you cut your name and address off for safety. You can never be too careful some just mark their name and address out with a black marker not a wise idea, you can still see through the marker on a lot of them. Which ever you choose to do happy reading and/or recycling.

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