"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." Genesis 1:31

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internet Issues

Well I have been fighting with my internet since black Friday. So here is my post its more of a rant today and for that I apologize lol. I have had to off load programs and do some shall we say house cleaning of sorts here on my laptop. Just wish I could figure out how to make it a little greener in the process LOL. We have our Christmas up and I so wish I could get some LED lights but as of right now that is not a priority so my usually will have to do. The Led are much more efficient than normal strings, last longer and I think they are much more vibrant in color.
I love putting out my Christmas every year and as I get older I am sure I will find more efficient ways to do the decorating and save energy not to mention time to do it all. If I could put as many lights out as Clark W. Griswold in Christmas Vacation and not run the county out of electricity I would be happy (I Love Lights). Maybe just maybe I will win the lottery tonight and have the house all solar powered and have a special circuit for the lights every Christmas. One can wish right, but seriously I have decided after all my bills are paid in full if I would win the lottery, a major solar transformation would take place here and the power co will be paying me. I would also be completely without gas for heat and hot water. Well everyone until next time and hopefully no internet problems to boot Be Green

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