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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pop Bottles

I know almost all of us get 2lt. bottles all the time or from time to time. Well we have them all over and have a couple of people from our church that save them for us. What do I use them for well....... ICE. Yes I said ice, we take all our 2 liter bottles fill them with warm water and put them in our deep freeze to be used for drinking ice. How we came about doing this is we moved from a house we had a ice maker to a house that didn't. We never had enough room in the freezer on fridge for ice trays (let alone keeping them filled on a regular basis) so we would fill a 2 liter every time we used 1 and put it back in the fridge freezer.

Then when my parents got rid of their deep freeze we jumped at the chance to get it. More room for more bottles was great, they can also be used to keep coolers cool for groceries, and for picnics. My husband even has a couple that are just for the cooler on the boat to keep things cool on the lake. We cut the bottles open beat the ice up (through the plastic of course) and wha la we have ice for our ice bin in the freezer. So instead of throwing those empty bottles out make a few good uses for them before you recycle them. Other things they can be used for are bird, squirrel feeders. If you like hummingbirds you can buy a top that screws on as a lid and you can fill the bottle with the nectar (dont use the dyed nectar it harms the birds).

You can make a none dyed nectar at home for pennies and they love it. Will try to find the link and add it to this post for those of you who want it. They also like red it attracks them. You can make it a family affair and decorate the bottles 1 for each family member to have their own special hummingbird feeder. Make them and give them as gifts. Very frugal and nice ways to recycle your bottles.

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