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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Nights Fun Kudos To My Friend Jennie

Last night I attended a Pampered Chef Party hosted by a wonderful lady.  I was pleased when it was a spa party but was really floored when they did the show as a "Natural Pamper".  To demonstrate the products that Pampered Chef has they used all edible treats for facials.  She mixed everything up in their products and we gave ourselves facials.  It all started off with a oat meal cleanser, next was a watermelon/witch hazel ex-foliate, then came the lemon juice/sugar scrub, and lastly an egg yolk/honey mask complete with cucumbers for the eye.  This was a wonderful idea and it comes from the earth.
The consultant took the time to search the internet for natural ingredients for beauty.  It's amazing what one can find with a Google search.  She said she found numerous things from natural sources you could use for beautifying ones self.  

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