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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Magazine

It may not be for some of you but a couple of months back I ran across Urban Farm in our local TSC store.  I bought a copy and have fell in love with it.  I have bought my second issue and am going to try one of the articles on building your own self watering containers for container gardening.  The other magazine I have been reading lately is Mother Earth News, I know this is not a new publication my parents read it when I was a kid so I remember them being around the house but never knowing fully what they were all about.  Now I really wish I would have LOL!  I am noticing more and more publications like this and I love it to tell you the truth.

On another note tho I was quite please when going out of town on day (to come into the big town as I call it) just out side of our little town a family has installed a new wind turbine 2 thumbs up to that family.  I wish more families in our rural area would do it.  I wish I had the money to install one and at least have a portion of my electricity wind powered.   We have had our ups and downs with those issues lately tho, our A/C is out and we are working through a possibility of things that it could be that are not even related to the A/C itself.  If those are not the cause then we are calling in the repair man, but if we can fix it without the repair bill then that is our best case scenario.

I have purchased the necessary items to fix our downspouts to drain like they should, instead of half the time and fall apart with every hard rain we have.  I have to take a couple of the parts back tho they are too big for the tubing we already have.  No biggy at all my start to having rain barrels is coming together slowly but surely.  Well I guess that is my update for now have a great earthy day!

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