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Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Next Mission

Well now that I have started replacing the lights, my next tackle was the never ending loads of laundry. We had the washer and dryers that took forever to wash and dry. So around christmas time last year (2007) I had, had it with my old ones and yep you guessed it out to the stores we went. We bought front loading energy efficient models. They are a matching set, up until then we had never had a matching set or brand new ones. They are the Whirlpool Duets and yes I love love love them. I get so much more laundry done at one time then I ever did before. The washer has the capacity of a 6 or 7 loader at the laundry mat and I can do all of our comforters and sleeping bags in it with no worries of the basement flooding. They dryer is a 4 to 5 load capacity (I usually hang the sleeping bags and comforters to dry) which helps even more. One of the best things you can do when doing laundry is limit the use of the dryer when you can. I have a clothes line outside for great days and if I need to hang things on nasty days I have an area in the basement to do so ( in the winter it helps keep some moisture in the house so its not to dry). I have notice that our water bills aren't sky high any more and the light bill has been staying at a good level rate as well.

The other thing we had to do at the time, was our toilet was running all the time. So off to Lowes I went and came back with a better one. Of course its not one of those the cost upwards of $500 and has duel flush (if I were rich then that would have happen but I am not so we stick with the most economical we can). It was a less water per flush model and it only cost from about $100, I think I payed about $125 for everything (bowl, tank and extras) so I thought I did really good there. Of course as with anything do your research on 1 you might be looking at and see if it suits you style, especially if you are just wanting to remodel your bathroom. There are alternatives on everything green for your home. Anything from recycled lumber, to non toxic paints and insulation's, and recycled counter tops. Which is one of my goals to remodel our bathroom and make it eco friendly, as with the rest of the house but that might take sometime to accomplish but I can guarantee that you will be with me thru the whole process. In the future I will be posting sites up on this blog that you can use for researching for all your green needs as you see I have some links up now as I find them I will post them.

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